About 10 core members with capabilities and experiences:
A number of legal experts graduated from Tsinghua University, China University of Political Science and Law and other well-known law schools, have worked in the world's top law firms, eight red circle firms, well-known law firms in the field of asset management cooperation, the world's top 500 companies and other important positions in compliance legal; Several tax experts with experience in the Big Four accounting firms.
Have helped obtain over 20 PFM licenses, 15 memberships of AMAC, 3 investment advisory qualifications, and 1 interbank trading qualification over the past 10 years. Provided suggestions on legal drafts to the CSRC and the AMAC.
With our professional asset management and financing capabilities, we have established close working relationships with high net worth clients such as FOF alliances and family offices. Through partnerships with institutions such as Yongjin Private Equity, Lao Tang QianLiMa and Multiple Perspectives Sharing Club, we have demonstrated a strong ability to attract funds and successfully managed large amounts of funds from top private banks in China. We are committed to providing our clients with customized investment solutions to achieve solid asset growth.
Cooperation experiences
The core members of Grand Bloom Capital team have more than ten years of experience in secondary market investment and research; Have experience in the allocation of various assets and strategies such as stocks, bonds, commodities and options, with a cumulative management scale of about 5 billion in the past 5 years; A total of 150+ managers; More than 200 investment funds;
Overseas deals, with high frequency and proprietary trading team depth cooperation overseas, such as Jump Trading/HRT/Jane Street/ Virtu /Headlands FlowTraders/Tower Research/Grasshopper, Maintain long-term cooperation with the international departments of major brokers (CITIC, Guojun, Topside, Haitong, Bank of China International, etc.) and well-known law firms (Katten, Junhe, Hankun); Participated in many international conferences of self-management team: FOW Conference/FIAA conference.
Local Experience
We are well versed in local transaction and private equity fund regulations and have a wealth of practical experience, having successfully guided dozens of cases covering several key areas such as private fund manager registration, fund filing process and partnership structure design. Familiar with FDI, having been involved in over 20 FDI projects.
Established five Sino-foreign JVs. Designed the legal structures for JV PFM to obtain licenses and memberships. Assist JV PFMs and JV proprietary trading firms in successfully remitting dividends outside China.
Have smooth communication with the authorities of China such as CSRC, AMAC, AMAR, MOFCOM and SAFE, and stay updated on the latest regulations.
Language Ability
The main members of Grand Bloom Capital team are good at English, German and Russian, and have professional Grade 8 and advanced interpretation certificates. At the same time, we have nearly ten years of experience in quantitative incubation and cooperation with overseas trading institutions.
Core Members
Mr.Lv    Xi'an Jiaotong University, Major in Mechanical Engineering and Automation.
From 2017 to early 2023, served as a fund manager at Hangzhou Junxu Investment Management Co., Ltd. (P1028254), managing four funds. Between 2006 and 2017, held the position of project manager at Wuzhong Metal Group Co., Ltd., responsible for spot trading in steel and coal, and well-versed in commodity futures trading and strategies combining futures with spot transactions.
Mr.Xue   Tsinghua University, Bachelor of Economics, Master of Law.
CPA, Lawyer. Proficient in stock and futures trading, with over ten years of trading experience, maintaining a stable high return in proprietary capital trading for many years. Has conducted in-depth research on macro hedging and various subjective quantitative strategies.
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Computing and Control, Master of Engineering in High-Performance Computing and Data Mining. Investment strategies primarily include statistical arbitrage, grid trading, intraday short-term trends, and intraday short-term reversals, among other quantitative CTA strategies. From 2015 to 2018, served as the Director of Quantitative Trading Technology at Hangzhou Fenghe Asset Management Co., Ltd., and participated in the development of the following stable live trading systems: enterprise-level programmed trading systems, enterprise-level asset management systems, various backtesting systems, and multi-account order entry systems, etc.
Mr.Fan  Major in actuarial science, Central University of Finance and Economics
10 years of experience in the secondary market, 7 years of experience as a stock long/short fund manager, and 6 years of experience as a fixed increase fund manager. FOF fund management and allocation experience for 6 years, has managed 5 billion scale allocation funds in central enterprises, in-depth research on hundreds of public fund managers, dozens of quantitative long, neutral, arbitrage strategy private equity managers. Stock long and short, 5 years of development experience of quantitative model, 5 years of solid trading experience of convertible bond pricing model, 5 years of solid trading experience of option arbitrage strategy.

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